Serpents Release New Album “Temet Nosce”

Serpents, the new band from former Oceano member Andrew Mikhail, have released their new album Temet Nosce on April 26th. You can give that album a listen below.

Mikhail commented:

‘Temet Nosce‘ is hard to define, because it is meant to be a call-to-action rather than just an album of cool sounding songs. It is an esoteric piece of art; invoking whatever lies hidden within you, for better or worse. However, as the years had passed creating this “Magnum Opus” of ours, the album has gone through quite a distillation process; and in return, it has taken many shapes, forms, and meanings. Thus becoming a more sentimental piece for me, being that it also gives the world a closer look into my personal life, my loss, my love; and my many rebirths.

To “Know Thyself” is the Great Work, and that is this album’s purpose; alike the albums before it, this is an exercise in illumination that I have decided to share with the masses in hopes that it will inspire others to follow suit. How that pans out, is strictly up to the listener; as this understanding comes from the perspective that it is not necessarily the lyrics or music itself that has any inherent magickal qualities, but it is the ‘initiate’ themselves.

It is a journey, a call to adventure, an incantation; but most of all, it is an experience.

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