Volumes Surprise Release New EP “Coming Clean”

Los Angeles, California metal band Volumes have surprise released their new EP Coming Clean on Wednesday, April 23rd. You can stream that EP below.

Bassist Raad Soudani commented:

Some of us have struggled with depression or drug issues. We’ve battled those demons personally and together and found a nice stability and substance. At the same time, we’re coming clean with ourselves. We’re men now. Life is more precious. The music reflects this honest idea of opening up.

Soudani also commented on the opening track “No Love,” which features Attila’s Chris Fronzak:

It speaks on the idea of how we’ve come from the bottom and the dirt, but we’ve been here a long time, so you’re going to have to show some respect. We know where we stand. We’re asserting our identity. We’ve found ourselves and know what we’re doing.

He went on to comment on the EP as a whole:

‘Coming Clean‘ is an emotional moment for us. I hope you feel something when you hear it and gain some perspective. This is Volumes. ‘Coming Clean‘ hints at where we’re headed in the future.

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