Amon Amarth Debut Music Video For “Raven’s Flight”

Amon Amarth has debuted their new music video recently. You can check out the video for their song “Raven’s Flight,” which features WWE superstars Erick Rowan and Viktor, and MMA fighter and metalhead Josh Barnett, below. The song is from the band’s upcoming new album Berserker which is due out on May 3rd via Metal Blade Records.

Vocalist Johan Hegg commented:

For me, this is Amon Amarth 2.0. I think what we’ve done here is give ourselves the space to explore other parts of our musicality and who we are as a band. If you’re content with where you’re at, what’s the point of continuing? We always want to come up with new ideas and find new ways of doing things and to create bigger and better shows and really try to improve every aspect of what the band is. We want to try to keep growing and to do this for as long as we have the possibility to do so, because this is the best fucking job in the world.

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